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„this is how it’s been how it always will be“

weird moods come and go, right now I’m in one of those strange moods. The thing is, im sick of being the person sitting on the egde or the one waiting in front of a building. Some of you may know what that building stands for. Yeah sure, on these strange Fridays nights I’ve had my fun but that’s not really what I’m looking for...next week there’ll be hearts hanging everywhere around and I’m gonna try to ignore it and not think about why I didn’t get one...por qué nadie se enamora de mí? I’m afraid I’m one of those people who’s destiny it is to remain a single forever and to share his apartment with a cat. I mean I want more than only  making out with a guy, yeah I’m talking about L O V E.
I don’t want your pity.
You may think it’s stupid that I  reveal my thoughts and feelings here so that everyone’s able to read it. Maybe you’re right. Maybe I don’t care.

Maybe you’re not even interested in what I’m babbling, if you are well it’s your decision what you make of it.

This is not an attempt to get the attention of a guy (however if someone out there indeed feels attracted by this you may contact me) *joking* wait maybe not ,)

Well yeah I think that’s all I wanted to say
I’m so fucking stupid
Oh yeah, and wrong impressions may turn out to be not wrong at all

Have a nice first may
25.4.07 23:16

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wolle (26.4.07 03:38)
hey binalein, bin grad auch mal endlich wieder zuhause...oi immer dieses undeutsch, aber ich kann verstehen was mit dir los ist...ist bei mir ja nicht anders, bin ja auch son opfer in sachen TRUE LOVE...naja wrong impressions belasten mich auch immer sehr aber wir alle finden noch unseren deckel oder topf aber bis dahin ist es en harter weg voller enttäuschenge, aber die werden wir beide überstehen...
hab dich lieb der 4-fach keks

marcia (30.4.07 17:06)
hey bina.. you may think i am the wrong person to write these words, but you are one of these who know best my feelings in this theme. last week i read my diary and i found some phrases there which were so similar to yours now. every year i looked to theses hearts in may and tried to ignore them. i contected them to LOVE. "and what about me?", i thought. this year there won't be a heart at mine's but there is the love and i never had believed this would come true. you know my expieriences in the past.
now cheer up! i am conviced there is THE ONE for anyone of us..
do you remember this sentence? "don't underestimate the consoling power of the masa-sisterhood." well.. may be there have been some consoling words, i hope so. i know that not always their power is so big.. but the masa-sisterhood has a meeting this night! without guys, without hearts.
stay true luv' ya*

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